...is to serve and protect the health within us. We are committed to providing what's missing in your diet. We are determined to help you repair, strengthen, and build lean muscle.


This year we are preparing to deliver premium women’s health products and family-friendly vitamins for children, in addition to expanding our men's health line, and fitness supplements. 


We are responsible for today's youth. And to ensure their safety and health is not compromised through the foods we consume and the nutrients we lack. Everyone achieves optimal performance differently. In many cases, the absence of something (a particular raw material) can have a significant and potentially limiting impact on our ability to function. We work to reduce this concern for clients.


We seek to expose big box-retailers and their high mark-up's on ingredients, nutrition and essential dietary supplementation products for sky-high profits. We strive to diminish their market share by connecting directly with the consumer and shipping to the front door.


The team at DOC SHIELDS appreciates your support. We thank YOU for choosing healthier habits.

We look forward to supporting your nutritional and supplemental needs.